The Walking Dead - Season 4, Episode 06: Live Bait

Rick Grimes and his band of survivors are on the move to find a perfect solitude even while they are careful of the dangers that lurks within.
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2014
IMDb: 8.4
Keywords:  #Andrew Lincoln #Frank Darabont #Jon Bernthal #Sarah Wayne Callies #The Walking Dead
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Critics Of "The Walking Dead - Season 4"
Tim Surette
July 07, 2015
It was a dazzling opening and a bold, artistic step forward for a series that once closed a hatchback car door on a zombie and featured Rick talking into a phone that wasn't plugged in...But then the rest of the episode happened.
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Ted Pigeon
Slant Magazine
July 07, 2015
Apart from being the first episode of the series not to feature a major cast member, "Live Bait" is notable for its uniquely lived-in quality
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Luke Gelineau
TV Equals
July 07, 2015
While "Live Bait" was a well acted and well directed episode of television, I can't help but feel like it just muddied the waters.
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Alan Sepinwall
July 07, 2015
"Live Bait" wasn't a particularly exciting episode of The Walking Dead, nor an especially subtle one in the way it beat us over the head with the parallels between the Governor's dead little girl and the live one standing in front of him.
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Richard Rys
New York Magazine/Vulture
July 07, 2015
Parts of the Governor's tale worked, but overall, it was a bit slow and one note.
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Paul Vigna
Wall Street Journal
July 07, 2015
Tonight on The Walking Dead, the villain who makes JR Ewing look like a Boy Scout returned, but not exactly as you might expect.
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Roth Cornet
IGN Movies
July 07, 2015
This episode offered a new layer to what was already one of the more dimensional characters on The Walking Dead, though a somewhat controversial one.
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Terri Schwartz
July 07, 2015
This is a great way of giving The Walking Dead a "Rise of the Governor"-type arc while also making it entirely new and fresh. So bravo, Scott Gimple. Good work.
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Nate Rawlings
TIME Magazine
July 07, 2015
When the new, somewhat happy family left the apartment building, the momentum change was apparent almost immediately, even if the travel scenes felt a bit tossed together.
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John Lopez
July 07, 2015
The Governor is back! And for those of us who'd grown a tad weary of the West Georgia Correctional Facility follies, El Guv strode through last night's episode like our own one-eyed savior, providing a radical change of pace.
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